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Essay about Informatics In The Healthcare Industry

Informatics in the Clinical Area Informatics has affected many areas of the medical field. Informatics has improved the field by â€Å"helping people to revisualize and redesign their information management and knowledge management skills and learn new ways of using clinical data to mange clinical practice and patient care† (McLane Turley, 2011). The purpose for this paper is to explore informatics in streamlining paperwork, provide decision support tools, and review contribution that is made towards patient safety. Informatics Streamline Paperwork and Communication Informatics has streamlined paperwork by putting information in a centralized location. Informatics has many avenues for developing improvement to patient care. The†¦show more content†¦Accessibility The accessibility of health records is an advantage to everyone involved in the care of the patient and their outcome. The informatics designs a program with an Information Technology (IT) team to collect data, and retrieve data for the healthcare team. The programs designed are to have information updated on continuous bases and shared with the providers of the patient care (Crane Crane, 2008, p. 139). Responding to patient’s needs is faster due to the continuously updated information, shared information with the healthcare team, and easier access retrieval from multiple locations. The accessibility of information can be adapted for the use e-health. E-health is the communication through electronic devices to keep the patient and healthcare team informed. Asoh and River s (2010) stated the benefits of e-health is the accessibility of information and services from â€Å"anytime and anywhere† to use in the care and benefit of the patient (p. 182). Informatics Provide Decision Support Tools The medical field is always searching to increase the quality of patient care and outcome. The supporting tools from the informatics show the healthcare professionals a way for improvements to occur. The supporting tool of bar codes has decreased the medication error. The pathway and tracking of patients can lead to improvement in the quality of care administrated. The research tool develops intervention with evidence-base practice (EBP) forShow MoreRelatedThe Evolution of Nursing Informatics in the Healthcare Industry1888 Words   |  8 PagesInformatics is the science of processing data (Collins English Dictionary). Nursing informatics is defined by the American Nursing Association as â€Å"a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice† (ANA, 2008). Technology in the workplace has become one of the most talked about trends in nursing from the mid 1 990’s to now as the technology nurses see on the unit and in the communityRead MoreEvolution of Healthcare Informatics893 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Jpz777 03/23/2013 Order # 2088926 Those working in the field of healthcare delivery have long recognized the importance of obtaining and recording accurate data during their course of their interaction with a patient, from the physical examination recorded by nursing staff to the administration of precise dosages by primary care physicians. For centuries, doctors the world over all shared a relatively reliable, yet admittedly simplistic method of storing and accessing this vital medical information:Read MoreHealth Informatics And Population Health Management905 Words   |  4 PagesHEALTH INFORMATICS AND POPULATION HEALTH MANAGEMENT Data is one of the most valuable assets in any healthcare organization. The adoption and use of EHR systems makes it possible to collect, store, and analyze more data than ever before. Through the use of analytical tools this data is being turned into meaningful and qualitative information with which to support the clinical, operational, and financial decisions of the healthcare facility. The process of organizing and managing data so as toRead MoreDefinition Of Health Information Technology875 Words   |  4 PagesDefinition of Health Informatics Introduction â€Å"Information is power† as the popular saying goes, is never proper than now with the current digital revolution. This digital revolution has impacted every major industry (including the healthcare industry). The healthcare industry is experiencing an ever increasing production of data which has resulted in the growth of new hardware and software and specialties (Hoyt Yoshihashi, 2014) to handle the processing and transformation of these data intoRead MoreThe Role of Information Technology in Healthcare856 Words   |  3 PagesInformation Technology In Healthcare Introduction Paradoxically healthcare as an industry is the most highly regulated globally yet also one that consistently lacks a depth of quality management and examples of quality excellence. This is evident in the book and supporting analyses To Err Is Human: Building A Safer Health System (Kohn, Corrigan, Donaldson. 2000) which underscore just how far apart patient and treatment care initiatives are versus actual results achieved. This variation in theRead MoreReflection on Healthcare Technologies Essay698 Words   |  3 PagesReflection Helen Einer NURS-6015 Information and Healthcare Technologies Applied to Nursing Practice Walden University July 24, 2010 Week 4 Reflection The ongoing development of computer technology and telecommunications has provided the healthcare industry with continuous opportunities to enhance communication, provide education, improve patient safety, and create new IT jobs within the industry. By 2014, the American health care industry will look toward full adoption of electronic healthRead MoreHealth Issues Of Health Informatics918 Words   |  4 PagesHealth Informatics has been around for ages, but over the pass ten plus years the profession has increased with higher demand. Health informatics is one of the nation’s largest growth industries. Health informatics has grown as a discipline with specialization in areas within the health profession. This field of study incorporates procedure, theories and concepts from computer information science. As the medical profession increases so do the health data security and privacy has become a major growingRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Informatics1483 Words   |   6 Pageswhich presents a complete picture of how I accomplished my Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) consequences and Nursing Informatics track competencies. This paper will pinpoint my personal philosophy of nursing informatics and give a concise summary of my professional achievements, competencies developed during program of studies, and goals for life-long learning as an informatics nurse. The occupation of nursing is considered as both an art and science. Development of nursing comprises evidence†basedRead MoreA Course For Every Doctoral Student Essay758 Words   |  4 PagesRecommendations. The author would recommend this course for every doctoral student. Although there was a great deal of work required for this course, the subject is very important in today’s health care industry. Disease prevention is the key. The instructor was very interactive in the course and provided adequate feedback to the students. The instructor was supportive and encouraged students along the way. One recommendation for the course would be a revision of the syllabus. The syllabusRead MoreThe Integration Of Nursing Informatics Essay1670 Words   |  7 Pagesimportant in the rapid advancement of healthcare. In our healthcare systems today, technology is already a vital part of almost all domains of nursing and patient care. The integration of nursing informatics into the practice creates a greater efficiency and accuracy of patient care. With the help of technology along with the wisdom of educated nurses, the facilitation of quality care is upgraded. Nursing informatics is an integral part of the overall healthcare system in that it is essential in providing

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